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1/48th kit Moroccan box room/quarter scale

1/48th kit Moroccan box room/quarter scale

1/48th Moroccan room box/quarter scale.


Flat packed in kit form and ready for construction in colours of your own choosing. I used copic and promarker staining pens rather than paint. I also used tissue paper for the windows and roof.

The bed, material and chain for the bed not included. Floor tiles and tissue paper for the stained ‘glass’ not included. Roof is removable. 


Size: 3.5 inches long, 3.25 inch wide; 2.5 inches high.


The Arabic means love.


Moroccan furniture is informal and colorful. It combines natural materials like wood with colorful fabrics and patterned surfaces. Couches and sofas are low to the ground, upholstered or covered with materials like wool, silk and velvet.

Bold and bright, Moroccan decor features a blend of ornate patterns, vibrant colors, and metallic accents for a worldly vibe. Elaborately carved wood furniture sets the backdrop for vivid reds, oranges, blues, and greens. Pouf ottomans with intricate stitching lend a relaxed-but-chic feel to any room.

The Moroccan design style is all about color, texture, and fluid lines. This design style draws much of its inspiration from the Moorish design of the East and from the shapes and colors of the rolling sands of the desert. Its intricate beauty is seductive and inspires colorful and stylish interiors.


Designed and copyrighted by Raptoor.

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