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Customer Testimonials

Rob Crouch Miniatures, UK

Raptoor's kits are so well thought out and a pleasure to make, with easy instructions to follow. I like that they have a huge and varied range that includes the more unusual kits you won't find anywhere else, there are hundreds of designs to choose from and I fully recommend the great design skills and customer service.

Laura Coatsworth, UK

I love everything I've purchased from Raptoor.  Amazing service and I've found Angela one of the most helpful and nicest of people to deal with in the miniature world.   Her products are of first class quality and if you want different or quirky, she's your person!  She is so helpful and full of ideas, advice and tips!   Just recently purchased quite a lot from her Art Deco range and she was so helpful in giving advice about painting.   Looking forward to buying more soon! 

Amanda Miller, UK

"I have now built a good number of kits designed by Angela of Raptoor. Her kits are unique in their design and creativity,  covering themes and genres not attainable anywhere else in the 1:48 scale.
I have found them to be simple and easy to build, uncomplicated yet full of intricate detail.
This is aided by the easy to follow instructions provided with each kit. Angela herself has been nothing but helpful. She is friendly and enthusiastic about all things miniature, thus a good source of knowledge and helpful tips. I look forward to the next round of miniature worlds she is inevitably designing for our mini delectation."

Linda Wooten, USA

Everyone of Angela’s handcrafted Miniature kits are a work of art.
I’ve purchased many of her unique dollhouse kits and have always been thrilled with them.
Seeing her beautiful minis always gives me the inspiration I need to create my own miniature scenes.
I’m in the process of making my miniature Alice in Wonderland room, that’s located in my Fairytale castle.
I’ll be using some of her wonky mini furniture to re-create the rabbit hole scene.
Once it’s complete, I’ll send the pictures her way.
Angela is a true artist in miniatures, and a lovely lady. 

Lizzie Hough, UK

"Raptoor (Angela) is a wonderful designer and her service is second to none. The myriad of kits and styles available in 1:48/1:24/1:12th are crafted with the utmost care to function and design."

Mandy Gammell, UK

"Raptoor is one of my favourite mini sites, covers so many different fantastic kits in all scales.. I favour 48th scale, the details in these tiny kits are so good when built. They just bring the magic to my small buildings.. I would recommend this site to all miniaturists who are looking for something unique.  Angela is a lovely person and takes great care of her customers and will go the extra mile to keep us happy…."

Lucy Antony, UK

"I have bought many kits from Angela. Her customer service is second to none and the kits are easy to make. Angela provides all the instructions and photos in an easy to read format which makes them a joy to make up. I cannot praise her kits highly enough. The other thing I love about Angela’s work is that she goes outside the box! So, if you are looking for something different – like a stretching rack, a bed of nails, or some Art Deco furniture - Angela is your woman! She is a lovely human and is always willing to help and suggest ideas. Thank you again Angela."

Samantha Lovell, UK

"Absolutely love Raptoor products. The designs show initiative beyond a lot of kits on the current market in their imagination and style. The instructions are easy to follow and all the components are good quality materials and not 'cardboard' which I have experienced in other seller products. If I want something different or unique to my ideas I can always look to Raptoor. That said, the items can be just as easily made and decorated to fit in with more mainstream projects.  The seller is always more than happy to help and explore what you are looking for.  This is a business I have no qualm about returning to time and time again."

Jo Worgan, UK

"Angela is a lovely honest kind hardworking lady, she will go out of her way to help, if you do not find what you are looking for or need something specific just drop her a message & she will do her best to make it happen. Can’t recommend her highly enough, I have many of her wonderful kits & they are a joy to make"

Diane DeGann, USA

"I've bought several kits from Angela of Raptoor Crafting.  I first saw her site on Etsy, but she now has her own site, which is even cheaper and better. The kits are so unique!  They go together well.  She includes easy to follow instructions, complete with step by step pictures.  I finally got to meet her in person at the huge Chicago International show this year.  Sweetest, fun person!!!  She was a giant success there and I'm excited to see her again!!!"

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