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1/12th kit medieval fire spit

1/12th kit medieval fire spit

1/12th medieval fire spit.


Size: 75 mm width x 55 mm high x 35 mm deep.


Flat packed, in kit form and ready for construction in colours of your own choosing.  This is an advanced kit for an experienced dolls house maker.


The fire surround, chicken and coals are not included. 


In medieval cuisine and early modern kitchens, the spit was the preferred way of cooking meat in a large household. ... The spit could also be powered by a turbine mounted in the chimney with a worm transmission for torque and speed conversion.

With the use of a manual turning handle, the spit slowly rotates at a consistent speed. The constant rotation of the rotisserie allows meat to cook evenly. The juices within the meat are distributed equally resulting in tender, self basted meat. The meat develops a smoked flavor and a perfect crispy crust.


Designed and laser cut by Raptoor

    20,00 €Price
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