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1/24th kit spinning wheel (half scale)

1/24th kit spinning wheel (half scale)

1/24th spinning wheel 


Flat packed, in kit form and ready for construction in colours of your own choosing.


This is an advanced kit for an experienced dolls house maker.

Non working wheel. Very small needle included.


The decoration is for inspiration only.


Size: 4.5 cms long x 5.3 cms highs 3.5 wide at the widest point of the legs.


A spinning wheel is a machine used to turn fiber into thread or yarn. ... The spinning wheel’s essential function is to combine and twist fibers together to form thread or yarn and then gather the twisted thread on a bobbin or stick so it may be used as yarn for the loom.

It was fundamental to the cotton textile industry prior to the Industrial Revolution. It laid the foundations for later machinery such as the spinning jenny and spinning frame, which displaced the spinning wheel during the Industrial Revolution.


Designed and laser cut by Raptoor.

    15,00 €Price
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