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1/48th kit canopy bed, quarter scale

1/48th kit canopy bed, quarter scale

Flat packed, in kit form ready for you to assemble with the colours of your choice.

Size: 4.5 cms long x 2.5 cms wide x 3.6 cms high at the canopy end and 3.3 cms high at the footboard.


Throughout its long history, the four-poster bed has always been a sign of style and wealth. In medieval and Renaissance times, the bedsteads were hugely coveted, and any merchant who had one in his house was doing very well for himself. Royalty and members of the nobility had extremely opulent four-poster beds as a matter of custom, which were made according to the specifications of each individual owner. It’s no wonder that bedchambers were at the centre of court life.

Though its exact origins are unknown, it’s thought that the four-poster bed originated in Austria before migrating to England, where it grew in popularity; the first records and descriptions of four-poster beds date to the late 14th or early 15th centuries. The style began simply: prior to the four-poster version, beds were often no more than a hard board covered in fur or quilts. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why the four-poster bed became the most coveted of luxuries.

Canopies were first added to beds in the 13th century, with an upper area, also known as a tester, suspended from the ceiling. Gradually, the canopy came to be supplemented by side curtains. Supported by beams built into the bed frame itself, and voilà – the four-poster bed was born.


Designed and laser cut by Raptoor

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