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1/48th kit coal scuttle, quarter scale

1/48th kit coal scuttle, quarter scale

/48th coal scuttle with Tudor rose engraved on the lid.


Flat packed, in kit form and ready for construction in colours of your own choosing.


Size: 0.8 cms wide x 1.2 cms deep.


A coal scuttle, sometimes spelled coalscuttle and also called a hod, “coal bucket”, or “coal pail”, is a bucket-like container for holding a small, intermediate supply of coal convenient to an indoor coal-fired stove or heater.

The word scuttle comes, via Middle English and Old English, from the Latin word Scutula, meaning a shallow pan. An alternative name, hod, derives from the Old French hotte, meaning “basket,” and is also used in reference to boxes used to carry bricks or other construction materials.

Designed and copyrighted by Raptoor

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