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1/48th kit Flat iron, quarter scale

1/48th kit Flat iron, quarter scale

Flat iron.


Flat packed in kit form and ready for construction in colours of your own choosing.


Size: 1 cm.


I combine postage, so please send me a message to discuss. 


Cast iron is made from pig iron, which is the product of melting iron ore in a blast furnace. Cast iron can be made directly from the molten pig iron or by re-melting pig iron, often along with substantial quantities of iron, steel, limestone, carbon (coke) and taking various steps to remove undesirable contaminants.

From the 17th century, sadirons or sad irons (from Middle English "sad", meaning "solid", used in modern English through the 1800s) began to be used. They were thick slabs of cast iron, triangular and with a handle, heated in a fire or on a stove. These were also called flat irons.

A clothes iron (also flatiron, smoothing iron, or simply iron) is a small appliance that, when heated, is used to press clothes to remove creases. 


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