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1/48th kit garden arch, quarter scale

1/48th kit garden arch, quarter scale

Size: 3.5 cms wide by 4.5 cms high.


Flat packed in kit form and ready for construction in colours of your own choosing.


Matches our ornate fence panels.


A garden arch, also known as an arbor, is a freestanding structure that serves as a passageway and can support climbing vines and plants. It typically features two side panels and a curved roof which may be open or closed. In contrast, a trellis is a flat lattice panel that can also be used to support climbing vines.

Another common trick is to place an arch at the edge of the garden, with a path leading to it. A strategically placed mirror, if slightly angled to reflect plants rather than you when viewed, adds greatly to the illusion, but make sure it's sealed for outdoor durability.


Desgined and copyrighted by Raptoor

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