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1/48th kit stretching rack, quarter scale

1/48th kit stretching rack, quarter scale

Flat packed, in kit form and ready for construction in colours of your own choosing.


This is an advanced kit for an experienced dolls house maker.

Size: 1.7 cms wide x 5 cms length.


The wheels are non-turning.


Racks were designed to stretch the victim’s body, eventually dislocating the limbs and ripping them from their sockets. The torturer turned the handle causing the ropes to pull the victim’s arms. It was used throughout Europe for centuries.

A particular type of the rack was called “The Duke of Exeter’s daughter“, also known as “the brake“. This was a torture rack used in the Tower of London, a well-known place of imprisonment, torture and execution over the centuries, which is said to have been introduced by John Holland, the 2nd Duke of Exeter and the constable of the Tower in 1447. It was reserved for those identified as having committed the most serious of crimes against the state.


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