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1/48th Kit Tudor baby cot, quarter scale

1/48th Kit Tudor baby cot, quarter scale

1/48th quarter scale Tudor baby cot. 


Size: 2.3cms from tip to top long x 1 cms wide.


Flat packed, in kit form and ready for construction in colours of your own choosing.


Fabric not included, this is just an example of how you can dress your cot.


I combine postage, so please send me a message to discuss. 


During Tudor times, babies were swaddled until they were 8 or 9 months (sometimes longer) and most of the time they were laid in a wooden cradle and allowed to sleep. Children were weaned between 1 and 2 years old and they if their parents could afford it they were given a stick of coral to chew on when they were teething.


Designed and laser cut by Raptoor

    4,00 €Price
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