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1/48th kit Tudor Rose 4 poster bed, quarter scale

1/48th kit Tudor Rose 4 poster bed, quarter scale

Flat packed, in kit form and ready for construction in colours of your own choosing. 


Size: 4.1 cms long x 2.9 cms wide. During this time period people were shorter than now and this has been reflected in the size of the bed.


The material is not included and is just an example of how the bed can be made.


House is an example of size and can be purchased separately.


In tudor times people were smaller/shorter. Their average height was 5ft 5in. Many were well below that figure, with only a small proportion exceeding the height. The tudor bed is therefore smaller than the average modern day 4 poster bed as a reflection of the Tudor times.

The Tudor Rose is the symbol of the Tudor family and is represented by the union of a red and white rose. The red rose being the House of Lancaster and the white the House of York. This union brought to an end the bitter civil war which is commonly referred to as 'The War of the Roses'.


Laser cut and designed by raptoor.

    8,50 €Price
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