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1/24th kit Prayer Bench (half scale)

1/24th kit Prayer Bench (half scale)

1/24th Medieval/gothic prayer bench


Size: 3.9 cms wide x 3.5 cms depth x 3.9 cms height.


Flat packed, in kit form and ready for you to choose your own colours and design.


Prayer mat not included.


A prie-dieu (French: literally, "pray to God", invariable in the plural) is a type of prayer desk primarily intended for private devotional use, but may also be found in churches. It is a small, ornamental wooden desk furnished with a thin, sloping shelf for books or hands, and a kneeler.

In many churches, pews are equipped with kneelers in front of the seating bench so members of the congregation can kneel on them instead of the floor. In a few other situations, such as confessionals and areas in front of an altar, kneelers for kneeling during prayer or sacraments may also be used. Traditionally, altar rails often have built-in knee cushions to facilitate reception of Holy Communion while kneeling.

A kneeler is also a part of the prie-dieu prayer desk.

Kneelers in churches are a modern development. Kneeling was not part of the Mass in early Christianity, and has been part of the Catholic Mass only since the 16th century.


Designed and laser cut by Raptoor.

    18,00 €Price
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