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The Wild West

Available in 1:48 scale.

Raptoor Crafting Welcomes You

Let Your Creativity Flow

Welcome to Raptoor Crafting. We design and manufacture miniature furniture in 1:48, 1:24 and 1:12 scales. Let your imagination free and build your house with the furniture and accessories from our extensive range of kits.

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For UK customers

Raptoor Crafting is pleased to announce for our UK customers that we now have a postal hub for our kits. If you are in the UK, you can now order Raptoor Crafting kits directly from Little Deliveries, thus saving postage and customs costs. Little Deliveries will be able to provide you with our kits as they will carry our full range.

Link to the Little Deliveries website:

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Åse Merete Langfeldt, Sweden

I am a Raptoor customer, and have been for many years now. Here I have bought miniature cabins, miniature furniture and a whole lot of other things for my miniature s. The quality of the goods has always been excellent. Raptoor has always sent the goods very quickly and they have always been well packed. The goods have always been accompanied by assembly instructions. If I have needed help, I have always received help from Raptoor's owner very quickly. The owner is always very helpful and wonderfully nice, and she is a wonderful person to work with. She is one of the reasons why I shop at Raptoor. I can strongly recommend this shop to others who like miniature cabins etc. 

Barbara Antol, USA

Raptoor Crafting is one of my favorite sources for unique scale miniature kits.  Angela is such a creative and talented miniaturist and she offers a variety of unusual kit designs in different scales.  I’ve mostly done 1:48 scale versions, with a few 1:24 kits.  The kits are all very well designed and cut. Angela’s instructions are some of the best I’ve ever seen.  Her step by step instructions with photos make the assembly easy and the kits turn out perfectly.  I’ve loved every kit I’ve done, but some of my favorites are King Arthur’s round table and the Moroccan furniture kits.  Since I live in the USA, postage is a little expensive but that’s not Angela’s fault.  Her kits are so unique and turn out so beautiful that they are worth every penny. I highly recommend her shop. It’s always a pleasure doing business with her too and I look forward to new wonderful kit offerings from her shop.

Ana Faria, Portugal

Going through Raptoor product gallery is like to enter in a magical world . Everything you need is there. Quality, attention to details, integrity that is also what you can find here. Together with a friendly and a helpful shop/project owner. Angela is always there to help and ready to create new designs that help us to build our beloved miniatures.This is not only a shop but a place to inspire us.Thank you Angela for all your effort and love you put in your designs”

Helen Kemp, UK

"Angela Kinnunen of Raptoor Crafting is an incredibly gifted Miniaturist. Angela is gifted in multiple different fields of miniatures including embroidery and kit making. As someone who has a degree in history I utterly love that Angela's kits are historically accurate. I would highly recommend Angela Kinnunen and Raptoor Crafting"


We are a family run business and for several years, we have been providing creative people with kits that they can build and decorate as their imagination desires. We do our very best to provide unique and unusual designs as well as commissioned pieces for our customers.

We are happy to talk to you about a specific design and answer any questions you may have. We want to provide a first class service with happy customers.

Our main aim is to help your imagination become a reality.

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